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ICON – Real Leather – Black

The ICON Series set out to raise the bar once more by taking an uncompromising aesthetic and sparing no expense to forge a chair that offers an unrelenting level of precision engineering and attention to detail. Inspired by the best of German design and ensconced in top grain leather with precision stitching, the ICON Series is for those with an appreciation of sleek aesthetics and superior durability.



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Nothing beats black when it comes to timeless style. Eschewing any hint of the superfluous, elevating simplicity over complexity and restraint over excess, this model retains the material quality and attention-to-detail of its fellow noblechairs and focuses on the essentials. Its uncompromising aesthetic and top grain leather are broken only by a discrete black and gold noblechairs badge. The end result is a model that takes the motto “less is more” and runs with it.


As the suspension on a sports car contributes to the quality of the ride, the real-world performance of the ICON is decided by its ergonomics. The construction of the ICON series has necessitated an unrelenting level of precision engineering: 4D armrests, 90° to 135° of backrest adjustability, a robust 11° rocking mechanism and a safety class 4 gas lift supporting up to 150 kg coalesce to offer a superior sitting experience.


While mechanical and material optimizations are key to the performance of the ICON, it is the shape in which they are employed that matters most. The eccentric shape of the ICON and its dimensionally stable cold foam improves ergonomic stability and anatomical compatibility, combining to maximize comfort and minimize pressure on the body over long periods of time. To further customize neck and lumbar support we included two luxuriously embroidered and adjustable pillows, thereby enabling the seat to actively respond to the needs of the user.


Consisting of dimensionally stable cold foam and covered in ergonomically shaped upholstery; the basis of noblechairs is a solid, supportive, steel frame. The foam’s density of 55% allows noblechairs to retain its shape after prolonged use as well as support a higher body weight. The open-cell foam is ergonomic, breathable and controls climate regulation as well.


The foundations of timelessness lie not only in style but also in durability. That’s why the ICON series necessitates nothing less than a solid steel frame ensconced within its highly-resistant and hard-wearing stable cold foam upholstery, the 55% high density of which enables both superior bodily support and an augmented lifespan.


No mere gaming chair, the interplay of top grain leather and precision manufacturing is what drives the ICON forwards. That’s why we rely on supple and luxurious leather and an intelligent blend of perforation and diamond pattern stitching across the contact area to maximize comfort and breathability, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition without breaking a sweat.