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Hard-Floor Casters – 60 mm with Automatic Locking Function

The exclusive chairs from noblechairs are undoubtedly in a class of their own, bringing together elegant design with the most premium of materials and extremely precise craftmanship. Throughout the pure machine-manufactured production process, a meticulous attention to detail is required to meet the most modern industry standards and uncompromising quality requirements.





As such, improving on perfection is no mean feat – but this noblechairs upgrade, in the shape of improved castors with automatic locking, succeeds in raising the bar once more. Gamers in particular will be quick to appreciate the numerous advantages of these castors and the benefits they bring: The days of your gaming chair sliding around when you least expect it are at an end.This upgrade concerns five optimised 60 mm hard-floor casters with automatic locking for the base of a chair from noblechairs’ EPIC Series. These 60 mm casters consist of a nylon core with a polyurethane coating to provide both softness and smoothness in equal measures whether on hard or soft surfaces.

A particular highlight of these chair casters is the automatic locking function which “locks” automatically on sitting back into the chair. This is of particular benefit to racing sim enthusiasts in possession of a steering wheel and pedals, the comfortable use of which demands a stable seat that prevents any unwanted loss of traction. Locking of the seat position can also be of assistance in Virtual Reality applications as well as heated gaming battles, since this prevents minor shifts in bodily position from translating into unwanted seat movement.


Review of the noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair on Gaming-Stuhl.de:

Rating: Premium – 5 out of 5 stars

Bottom Line: “The noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair actually deserves 6 stars: The epic innovative product is setting new standards in terms of design, workmanship and material quality. This is in every respect an absolute luxury product, whom the attribute “premium” almost doesn’t do justice. Clear recommendation to buy!”

(The full review can be found on Gaming-Stuhl.de in German.)


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