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gas-lift – short (-1,5 cm)

The exclusive chairs by noblechairs are definitely a class of their own and unite noble design with high-quality materials and extremely precise processing.





During the purely mechanical production, meticulous care is taken to ensure that state-of-the-art industrial standards as well as the high quality requirements are adhered to.The noblechairs chairs of the EPIC series are designed for the lowest level of the standard gas pressure spring for users with a size of approx. 1.80 m. Due to the height adjustment by up to 10 cm, the chair is therefore also ideal for even larger persons. For users under 1.80 m, however, a shorter gas pressure spring can be used as the feet do not otherwise reach the floor comfortably.

This short version of the gas pressure spring, which is 1.5 centimeters shorter than the original, can be utilized by “smaller” users to improve their noblechairs experience. Despite the shorter length, the short gas pressure spring is approved for loads of up to 180 kg and allows a height adjustment of the seat surface by up to 10 cm.


Review of the noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair on Gaming-Stuhl.de:

Rating: Premium – 5 out of 5 stars

Bottom Line: “The noblechairs EPIC Real Leather gaming chair actually deserves 6 stars: The epic innovative product is setting new standards in terms of design, workmanship and material quality. This is in every respect an absolute luxury product, whom the attribute “premium” almost doesn’t do justice. Clear recommendation to buy!”

(The full review can be found on Gaming-Stuhl.de in German.)


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