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 - LEGEND Starfield Edition

LEGEND Starfield Edition

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Presenting the exquisite noblechairs LEGEND Starfield Edition – a convergence of state-of-the-art technology, unmatched comfort, and visionary aesthetics. Elevate your gaming voyage to unprecedented altitudes with this masterpiece that seamlessly unites elegance and functionality.
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noblechairs LEGEND Starfield Edition


As a milestone in the LEGEND series, the noblechairs LEGEND Starfield Edition marks the debut of the first special edition for this distinguished line. A celebration of innovation and artistic expression, this unique offering sets the stage for a new era of gaming chair excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Starfield Edition embodies the harmonious blend of technology, comfort, and design that noblechairs is renowned for. This inaugural special edition pays homage to both the legacy of the LEGEND series and the immersive world of Starfield, creating a true collector's item for enthusiasts and dedicated gamers alike.

noblechairs quality LEGEND Starfield Edition


Impeccably fashioned with premier high-tech materials, the noblechairs LEGEND Starfield Edition redefines opulence and resilience. Its supple PU leather exterior radiates sophistication while ensuring sustained durability, making it an investment that resonates within your gaming haven. The chair’s distinct white anterior, made of our High-Tech vinyl, is impervious even to space dust, easy-to-clean, and lets you focus on exploration. The mesmerizing blue posterior design is a symphony of elegance and ingenuity, making a bold yet harmonious statement that seamlessly complements any gaming setup. Inspired by Starfield's Gravity Wave design, the chair's aesthetics reflect the game's visionary essence. Accompanying badges pay homage to the in-game Constellation organization, enriching the chair with immersive storytelling and gaming legacy.

noblechairs ergonomic gaming chair LEGEND Starfield Edition


Submerge yourself in the quintessence of ergonomic supremacy. The 4D armrests offer a customizable experience, empowering you to discover the optimum arm positioning for prolonged gaming marathons. Embrace a posture tailored to your body's idiosyncrasies, facilitated by the chair's supremely adaptable attributes. The noblechairs LEGEND Special Edition brings unrivaled flexibility, facilitating effortless fine-tuning of your ideal recline and seat height settings, prioritizing your comfort above all.

noblechairs comfortable gaming chair LEGEND Starfield Edition


Fashioned for aficionados of the extraordinary, this chair boasts a robust aluminum foundation that guarantees unwavering stability and endurance. The integrated adjustable lumbar support ensures pinpointed comfort, reducing strain on your back and encouraging healthy alignment during extended play sessions. Whether navigating virtual landscapes or surmounting real-world challenges, this chair harmonizes with your every move, placing you in authoritative command.

noblechairs bester Gaming Stuhl LEGEND Starfield Edition


The ethos of Bethesda's Starfield is profoundly embodied within this Special Edition. Infused with optimistic energy, the chair's dynamic white and blue design encapsulates the promise of a radiant gaming future. Ambitiously daring, the chair confidently ventures into new territories with its innovative features and advanced materials, charting a new benchmark for gaming chairs. Grounded warmth comes alive through its ergonomic embrace, a tribute to our origins and the tactile connection that distinguishes this chair. Elevating the realm of gaming luxury, the noblechairs LEGEND Starfield Edition encapsulates the very essence of innovation and luxury.

best gaming chair 2023 award EHA - noblechairs LEGEND


Nos complace anunciar que la noblechairs LEGEND se posicionado como la silla gamer campeona indiscutible, reclamando el prestigioso título del EHA Best Gaming Chair Award 2023. Esta excepcional obra maestra de comodidad y ergonomía ha cautivado a jugadores de todo el mundo, gracias a su design incomparable y rendimiento inigualable. Con elegantes contornos, materiales de primera calidad y una ergonomía superior, la LEGEND eleva la experiencia de juego a niveles sin precedentes. Su design y funcionalidad ajustable han consolidado, sin duda, la reputación de noblechairs como el exponente máximo de la excelencia en el campo de las sillas de juego, brindando una experiencia similar a un trono con la LEGEND, digna de la realeza del juego.

Serie de productos
Serie de productos/familia LEGEND
Color primario Blanco
Color secundario Azul
Diseño Gaming, Bethesda, Starfield
Color estichural Plata
Guía del cinturón de seguridad
Función de inclinación
Altura ajustable
Reposabrazos ajustables
Ajuste de espalda ajustable
Especificaciones de la silla
Altura del respaldo 90 cm
Ancho de respaldo (dimensión interna) 28 cm
Ancho de respaldo (dimensión exterior) 52 cm
Posición de asiento más alta (ajustable) 58 cm
Posición de asiento más baja (ajustable) 48 cm
Altura del reposabrazos (mínimo) 67 cm
Profundidad del asiento 48 cm
Ancho del asiento (dimensión interna) 33 cm
Ancho del asiento (dimensión exterior) 52 cm
mín. Altura total 132 cm
máx. Altura total 142 cm
Soporte lumbar ajustable integrado
Tipo de colcha Ruedas para Suelos Duros, Ruedas para Suelos Blandos
Tamaño de colchera 60 mm
max. ángulo de inclinación del asiento 11 °
mínimo ángulo de respaldo 90 °
max. ángulo de respaldo 125 °
Instrucciones de reposabrazos ajustables 4D (4 Direcciones)
Profundidad del reposabray 24.5 cm
Ancho de reposabray 10 cm
mínimo Altura de los reposabrestos (posición de silla más baja) 67 cm
max. Altura de los reposabrestos (posición de silla más baja) 74.5 cm
mínimo Altura de los reposabrazos (posición de silla más alta) 74.5 cm
max. Altura de los reposabrazos (posición de silla más alta) 80 cm
mínimo Distancia interna del reposabrazos 48 cm
max. Distancia interna del reposabrazos 57 cm
max. Peso recomendado 150 kg
Límite de peso 150 kg
max. Altura recomendada 200 cm
Alcance de entrega
Cojín de la cabeza incluido No
Cojín lumbar incluido No
Certificación de silla Certificación de la silla de oficina según la norma DIN EN 1335
Clase de seguridad de elevación de gas Clase 4
Tapicería cuero de imitación
Material de tapa del asiento secundario Vinilo
Material de tapicería Espuma fría
Material de base Aluminio
Material del marco Acero
Material de reposabrazos Poliuretano
Patas/Ruedas de Material Nylon, Poliuretano
Peso 28 kg

noblechairs LEGEND - Instrucciones de montaje


noblechairs gas lift removal guide

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489,90 €
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