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noblechairs HERO - Resident Evil Edition Chair
Unleash the Power of the Umbrella Corporation with the HERO Resident Evil Edition
Designed with versatility in mind, this noblechairs High-Tech vinyl gaming chair HERO Resident Evil Edition holds an office chair certificate, making it suitable for both gaming and professional environments. Whether you're battling zombies or conquering deadlines, the enlarged backrest and seat area in classic black and white provide ample space and support. Sit comfortably for extended periods without compromising your posture or well-being in this gaming chair that's as functional as it is stylish.
noblechairs HERO - Resident Evil Edition Chair
This gaming chair features High-Tech vinyl, meticulously crafted for durability. It can handle intense gaming sessions and everyday use, making it a long-lasting choice. The material, made in Germany, features a protective layer that makes it extremely easy to clean, perfect for both gamers and professionals. The black backside of the chair features our durable PU leather.
noblechairs HERO - Resident Evil Edition Chair
The chair's standout feature is its unique Umbrella Corporation design, showing DNA strands on the wings and the iconic Umbrella Corp logo on pristine white High-Tech Vinyl of the front. Against the dark backdrop, the logo stands even more on the backside, connecting you to Resident Evil's scientific world.
noblechairs HERO - Resident Evil Edition Chair
Enjoy exceptional comfort with the 4D armrests that adjust in multiple directions, ensuring the perfect arm and wrist position. The chair's highly adjustable ergonomics support proper posture during intense gaming or work sessions, minimizing discomfort and strain.
noblechairs HERO - Resident Evil Edition Chair
The chair's robust aluminum base is built to last and provides stability for users up to 150 kg / 330 lbs. It's designed for durability and convenience, with smooth-gliding casters suitable for all flooring types, ensuring seamless mobility without damage.
noblechairs HERO - Resident Evil Edition Chair
noblechairs HERO RESIDENT EVIL Edition
  • Quick and easy adjustability
  • Individually customisable lumbar support and rocking mechanism
  • Expanded seat surface
  • Large backrest
  • Memory foam headrest adapts to your needs
  • Wide armrests
  • Supports up to 150kg