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Noble Chairs

Epic Series – NVIDIA – Back/Green

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SRP 349.90 EUR
  • Premium design
  • 100% vegan PU faux leather cover
  • SK Gaming logo branding
  • Comfortable & breathable cold foam upholstery
  • 4D armrests with soft cushioning
  • Safety class 4 gas lift
  • Advanced rocking mechanism up to 11°
  • 60 millimeter casters for both soft and hard floors
  • 2 pillows included (neck pillow + lumbar pillow)
  • Reinforced outer packaging
  • Steel (frame)
  • Aluminium (five-star base, emblem)
  • Cold foam (upholstery)
  • PU faux leather (cover)
  • Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)
Technical Details
Main colour:
Side strip colour:
Stitchings colour:
Logo segment colour:
Logo embroidery colour:
Pillows colour:
Custom branding:
Total height (with base):
ca. 131 - 141 cm
Height adjustability:
ca. 49.5 - 59.5 cm
Width backrest (shoulder level):
ca. 54.5 cm
Width backrest (pelvis level):
ca. 52 cm
Width backrest (point of contact):
ca. 29.5 cm
Length backrest:
ca. 87 cm
Backrest adjustability (static):
90° - 135°
Width seating area (total):
ca. 56 cm
Width seating area (point of contact):
ca. 35 cm
Depth seating area (total):
ca. 56.5 cm
Depth seating area (point of contact):
ca. 49.5 cm
Width armrest:
ca. 10.5 cm
Depth armrest:
ca. 27 cm
Armrests adjustable:
Yes (four-dimensional)
Rocking mechanism:
max. 11°
Maximum weight (user):
120 kg
Package dimensions:
84 * 38 * 70 cm
Net weight (chair):
ca. 27 kg
Gross weight (chair):
ca. 29 kg
Product number:

Product Description

The EPIC Gaming Chair in the new GeForce GTX Edition from noblechairs combines PU leather and premium design with the ergonomics of an office chair. As a gaming seat for enthusiasts, gamers and power users, a gaming chair from noblechairs represents far more than merely an ergonomic office chair with a racing-inspired design. For inveterate NVIDIA fans this gaming chair is the ultimate must-have!

First-Class Materials with Precision Workmanship

The machine-only manufacturing with state-of-the-art equipment fuses premium materials with extremely precise workmanship. This allows the steel frame of the gaming chair to be welded together in a manner similar to that of automobile manufacturing. This results in a flawless and extremely durable manner of constructing the frame. The cover of the chair is also cut to size utilising machine-only manufacturing with the help of extremely precise industrial cutting machines.

Premium Gaming Chair with NVIDIA GeForce GTX Design & Emblem

This noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair in the GeForce GTX Edition comes in a black and green design and is adorned with the world-famous “NVIDIA GeForce GTX”. Utilising porous cold-foam upholstery and ensconced in premium 100% vegan PU leather, this combination enables players to endure the heat of battle without breaking a sweat.

Attention to Detail

The stitching on the seams and the backrest were created utilising the extreme precision of industrial embroidery machines and offers an elegant accompaniment to the black-green PU leather. The chair comes with a discrete, oval-shaped aluminium badge and gold noblechairs logo located at shoulder height as well as an “NVIDIA GeForce GTX” logo at head height and on the rear of the headrest to round out the design of this gaming throne.

Robust & Durable

The upholstery of noblechairs comes with 55% density, deform-resistant cold-foam. The porous cold-foam is both breathable and stable in terms of maintaining its shape. Even over long-term usage, noblechairs retain their shape while offering a pleasantly cool seated experience. Compared to competing gaming chairs, a noblechairs executive chair also offers a full steel frame ensconced within its upholstery.

Pure Ergonomics: 4D Armrests, Height Adjustability & Rocking Mechanism

The superior breathability of the noblechairs range aside, noblechairs also endow their gaming chairs with a multitude of adjustability options for a superior ergonomic experience. In short, once you’ve sat down on this noble chair you’d rather not have to stand up. With that in mind, chairs in the noblechairs Epic Gaming Series are also height-adjustable by 10 cm. When combined with the adjustable rocking mechanism that enables the seat and backrest to tilt back, the result is an ergonomic seat that all but disappears while gaming.

The Perfect Position for Every User

The 4D armrests of the noblechairs range are adjustable in four dimensions to enable each user to find the perfect seated position. The high backrest is also adjustable to a range of 135° and comes with two additional cushions, one of which comes with the “NVIDIA GeForce GTX” logo. The small pillows for the neck and lumbar regions are also adjustable by means of an elastic strip that attaches them to the seat, this makes finding the perfect pillow position as easy and convenient as possible.

Designed for Hard & Soft Flooring

The base of this gaming chair from noblechairs is formed by a solid powder-coated five-point aluminium base coupled with special casters. These 60 mm casters consist of a nylon core with a polyurethane coating, meaning they are soft as well as quiet on both hard and soft flooring. The hydraulic gas lift is rated safety class 4 and rated for up to 120 kg.